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Beautiful Pure-breed Ruddy Abysinnian Kittens (Male And Female)

  • State: Thuwal
  • country: Saudi Arabia
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Our kittens are pure-breeds with a pedigree going back several generations, so we can guarantee quality. Pure-Breed Abyssinians are the only hypoallergenic cat breed, so they are perfect for any cat lovers, even those who are kept from their beloved cats by allergies! Abyssinians are perfect housemates. Loyal and inquisitive, yet charming and cuddly, Abysinnians will fall in love with their owners as their owners fall in love with them. These brave shorthairs aren't afraid to stick their nose into absolutely everything, and won't hesitate to let you know when they want a scratch behind the ears.They'll also shower you with plenty of affection. Common locations for Abyssinian cats and kittens is on their owner's lap, or by their owner's feet. Males and Females available.